By Way of an Introduction

Truly, aren’t books little chests of wonders?


Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why I started this all in the first place.

But I’m getting ahead of myself and I’ve already said my piece, so why don’t we go ahead at the meat of the matter, shall we? Just where in the hell did I get such a name for a blog? I know, you’re dying to ask me.

I will honestly state here that the idea wasn’t originally mine. The credit goes — along with the blame — to one man: Stephen King. You see, I was one day browsing through one of his books — this massive thing he calls The Stand — and right on the immaculate dedication page, written in perfect black ink were the magical words that started it all: “For Tabby, this dark chest of wonders.” Of course it refers to Ms Tabitha Spruce King, his wife for almost four decades now, also a novelist.

The Stand Book Pic

The massive,  The Stand.

What for King an innocent and loving offering of love, was to me a realization that sent my brain on a spiral whirl. I just didn’t love it for its poetic cadence; I love it for that rare moment of epiphany it has shown me: truly, aren’t books little chest of wonders?

This collection of sheets of paper, printed or written on, then bound in a volume, looks  nothing more than just any ordinary things we always see everyday, things of no consequence in our lives. But not until we lay our hands on it, until we try to crack it open is where the enchantment of it all begins: the delight of finding out what’s inside,  of what awaits us as we explore its contents makes it all thrilling, and as we strike gold, we stagger in amazement — from that moment on it doesn’t seem to cease. This for me is the reason why books are treasure troves filled with wonders,  discoveries ours for the taking.

And like treasures it’s meant to be shared with everyone. For how can others appreciate the fine craft of a jeweler if it’s not meant for others to behold its beauty? In this guiding light I hope this blog will illuminate. No need to worry about treasure maps. Anyone is as good on his own, to do as he so wishes. Still, a few words or two is not also bad to give one a fair idea what lies ahead.

In ending, I have only these words as  encouragement for kindred souls: never cease discovery, never fear that which is unknown, never let a day pass without learning something useful from it,  and that reading is always a chance for us to become better. Before long, the luminescence gleaned from these little wonders are meant to hone and polish us to the gems we’re destined to be.

We are chests of wonders to each and all!

My deep gratitude for the writers I’ve met and will likely meet for so long as I breathe. I guess all of you got me into it — and bailed me out.

Dark nights and pleasant wonders! 😉


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