In Time for “Banned Books Week”

Reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson in time for the “Banned Books Week” since this was, well, almost banned. Or is it? The debate still rages on…

It has a very intriguing start, tapping into the melancholies of an outcasted teen barely beginning her freshman year. Really, not a good way to set off your high life. But what’s she’s afraid to speak of? What’s this “secret” she closely guards. To be honest, the suspense is killing me.

How about you Gentle Reader what book(s) are you reading this week that’s included in the infamous list of banned books? Whatever it is, hope you’re enjoying it as much as I with my recent pick. And as a word of advice — well, if you’re still fairly young — don’t let your parents see it. *grin*

And to those who haven’t yet and/or fence sitting . . . I dare you!

Creepy cheers to you! 😉


Feel free to post any of your thoughts, comments, and reactions.

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