King’s Intro to his new Graphic Novel “American Vampire”

Check out Uncle Stevie’s intro for his new graphic novel American Vampire exclusively here.

Also, stumbled on this interesting article from USA Today about the upcoming comic book.

Here’s a brief description about American Vampires shamelessly taken from

This first hardcover volume of the critically acclaimed series collects issues #1-5 and follows two stories: one written by Snyder and one written by King, both with art by future superstar Rafael Albuquerque. Snyder’s tale follows Pearl, a young woman living in 1920s Los Angeles, who is brutally turned into a vampire and sets out on a path of righteous revenge against the European monsters who tortured and abused her. And in King’s story set in the days of America’s Wild West, readers learn the origin of Skinner Sweet, the original American vampire — a stronger, faster creature than any vampire ever seen before.


2 thoughts on “King’s Intro to his new Graphic Novel “American Vampire”

  1. A Graphic Novel + Stephen King = Interesting. 🙂
    I still have to experience reading Stephen King but if there’s a graphic novel that he wrote. Count me in! 🙂
    My only question is, why vampire story? ^_^

  2. Hi Ariel! 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to drop by my blog.
    Yeah, this looks to be pretty interesting, on that I agree with you.
    Now to your question why vampire story?
    I think it’s on the part of the original writer (meaning the one who pitched in the idea for this comic; which is the incomparable Scott Snyder) is to bring the glory days of the vampire. You see they thought that some of the recent vampire “craze” had actually desensitized them, that the writers of this comic book wants to bring back how nasty vampires really were. That they are not the sparkly creatures but to project to what they truly are: Blood Thirsty Creatures of the Dark! Maybe this is also a way for them to ride on the bandwagon of the recent “vampire craze” that’s been recently happening. Well, that’s my two cents there.
    Hope to see you around again, Ariel!
    Dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉

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