Book Blogging Thus Far

Time really does fly fast when you’re enjoying yourself.

This was what I’ve realized when reading a good book, lost in wonder, in an escapist world. I think the same thing can be said with my book blogging experience — kicking in for a month now.

Happy MonthsaryWell then you could really say that I’m having a splendid time sharing my reviews and talking — via the comments — with other kindred souls. Hell, I totally missed celebrating it since — as I was made aware of the fact a few moment’s ago — that the very post published in this blog was dated September 14, 2010. (If you’re wondering what’s in my mind during that fateful first post  then head here.) But I want to celebrate this as quietly as possible. Please spare me the fanfare. I want to celebrate this in my own style: in quite contemplation.

Gentle Reader, you must be really wondering how this stuff came about: how really did this book blogging thing started? I must say that I have finally given in to the prodding’s of my book blogging-friends. Also, it may have been borne out of heartbreak. No, that that kind of heartbreak you’re thinking of. You see, my Goodreads account was almost, nearly hacked. Fortunately, I act out fast enough and managed to save it. If that could not have been so, I would still be wallowing in self despair for the lost of an account I’ve maintained with so much perseverance for two years now—and with it some of the precious book reviews I wrote down the drain.

Reading is an experience — along with losing you virginity, hah! — that you can only experience once. This will be rightly affirmed by some enthusiastic readers out there, I suppose. Of course, I wholly agree that some books age gracefully age, but reading a book the second time around will not and can’t be comparable to the first time we read it. That intensity of feeling, of falling head over heels enraptured by the power fiction can only be produced once. And that what was I intend to capture in my reviews here — that this is how I felt, this is how I reacted and interacted with the book before and after I read it. But I digressed (and easily on the throes of ranting mad!).

How was the past month of book blogging, you ask?

It’s great so far! More so by the magnificent pouring in of comments recently from some of our fine friends whose passion equals ours. This confirms that I’m not alone in this noble endeavor, of spreading that reading is fun and stimulating.  At this point I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude for friends who have been there, who guided me when I’m just starting this blog, who’s lending hands they have given for support. Honestly, I’m not good in tweaking with designs and I certainly lack the technical know-how on how to even start my own blog. Forever I owe you. My thanks also go to The Filipino Book Bloggers, more particularly to Chachic, its founder, for doing such an impressive job of uniting us all. Seriously, I promise I’ll make to the Second Meet Up you’re planning for next month. 🙂

To all who have been there in loving support, thank you.

What’s ahead for me now? Well, I’ve planning of joining some reading challenges hosted by some book bloggers out there, as long as my schedule permits. Also, I plan to host my own book giveaway at the appropriate time. Let’s see! Plus, more worthwhile content for my blog so that you dear Gentle Reader will have something to look forward to whenever you visit this dark alley. I would hate myself if I disappointed you in any which way.

May the next month and many more to come be start of something wonderful!

Still, dark nights and creepy wonders…


6 thoughts on “Book Blogging Thus Far

  1. Congratulations on your book blog’s mensiversary! Looking forward to more enlightening and enlightened reviews. Here’s to books and blogging about them! 🙂

  2. Happy blog monthsary! Haha! I failed to celebrate my blog’s anniversary which was last June 2010. Boo. Anyway, I got excited about the book giveaway! Can I request??? The Stand Uncut please? HAHAH 😀 I know that’s so precious. 😉

    Y’know what, I appreciate the people who love to read and write. Keep writing and reading! Let’s save our breed! Haha! 🙂

    Long live, Jzhun! 😀

    • Thanks for the appreciation Judy! 😀
      Yeah, the book giveaway will be something to look out for. And what do you know, maybe if I can find another copy of the uncut edition of The Stand that might make the grade.

      Let’s see! ^_^

      Long live to you too and keep on writing and inspiring others! Mabuhay! 😉

    • Hullo KyusiReader!
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. That was so thoughtful of you.
      Yes, many have said time and again that King earlier works are still his best so I’m sinking my (fanged! Ahaha! :D) teeth in them. I’m doing a novel endeavor of reading his works chronologically. I have to read ‘Salem’s Lot yet.

      My warm regards and happy reading KyusiReader! 😉

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