Holiday Loot!

Before I sign off for the Christmas holidays — and get that much needed vacation to conquer Mt. TBR — I wouldn’t dare let the year come to an end without blogging about some of the books that I got this holiday season; and though I missed some of this year’s big book sales from the top three book stores of this country I think the books I recently acquired surely made up for it. So without further ado, Gentle Reader, here are this month’s holiday loots that I either received or purchased.

Not only did I have such a good time in the recently concluded Goodreads-The Filipino Group Christmas Party/Meet Up, but I also got tons of book-gifts from kind friends that I took home with me.

Moth Smoke by Moshin Hammid

Given and recommended to me by Emir because he saw that I also liked Hamid’s other novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

Just a little trivia: this book is the second McEwan book that my fellow moderator Kuya Doni has given to me. Curious what the first book is? It’s The Innocent which, incidentally, he gave to me during the group’s Second Meet Up at Yam Cha.

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

Kuya Doni is really impressed with Ishiguro so he suggested that after I finish reading Never Let Me Go I should read this next.

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Every TFG member — well the good ole’ ones, I suppose — knows that I’m a BIG Stephen King nut. If there’s any book-gift among the lot that can be called gasp worthy, then this one is it! Honestly, I’ve never been this surprised and pleased for years all thanks to Ace dubbed as the group’s generous Godfather.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

As I told you earlier, Ace is such a philanthropic friend that it isn’t enough for him just to give one book. So this is my second blessing from him. All these started from an innocent, teasing one-book wishlist that I posted on a thread but hey, who’s smiling smugly now?

Paper Towns by John Green

It is said that everything that happens once and twice will happen thrice. That couldn’t be more apt by the time we approached Kuya Doni’s car, saying farewells to each other when again he give me another book-gift, teasing me that he is giving me this so that I could participate in the group’s upcoming Young Adult First Quarter Discussion. After all, who am I to refuse such a brand new book bought fresh off the bookstore?

Giveaway Bookmarks

Aside from books, I also received so many bookmarks, too!

Goodreads Keychain Giveaway

As an exchange for their gifts this little giveaway I offered:  a customized Goodreads-The Filipino Group keychain. Now you can bring the spirit of reading with you.

Now, onto the next Holiday loots…

I was suppose to go and buy Bob Ong newest book, Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan, but National Bookstore’s SuperBranch in Cubao teased me with its restocked bargain bins and look at some of the awesome books that I found: all for 99php only and in hardcover format too! Sorry Bob Ong, but I still promise to get your book before the year ends.

The Talisman - Volume I: The Roads of Trial (Graphic Novel)

This is the graphic novel adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s 1984 fantasy novel of the same title. Though I’m not a fan of comic books and graphic novels, I really can’t let this one go easily with such a cheap price tag. And boy, hardcover graphic novels are really pricey these days yet you just really can’t blame them because they’re printed on sleek, glossy paper with artworks from top-notch artists that will truly blow your mind. I think this is an awesome addition to my growing Stephen King library.

The Collected Stories of Roald Dahl

Remember the movie Mathilda, that movie starring a girl with telekinetic powers? Well who doesn’t? That movie was based on Dahl’s novel of the same title. This is also the same guy that brought to us some of the most fantastic children’s stories the likes of which are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, and BFG. Frankly, I haven’t even read some of those but — if it is any better as I hope so — this handsome collection of a number of his “adult stories” compiled and published by Everyman’s Library will be a good introduction as any.

The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

Since last year I’ve been hearing a lot about how good Atwood’s latest offering is. And next year is the time to find out why, but first I want to read The Handmaid’s Tale and her other earlier works before I get around reading this. Finally, Oryx and Crake is the now only book left to complete my collection of Atwood’s outing on the speculative fiction genre.

World War Z by Max Brooks

Haven’t you noticed, isn’t this a thriving (pun intended) year for all things relating to the undead? We have Planets vs. Zombies, the release of movies such as Resident Evil: Afterlife and George Romero’s Survival of the Dead and the best show on TV this year — barely beating my favorite TV show LOST by just one heart beat — The Walking Dead. As if I’m not yet over saturated by the spate of zombie flicks out there I even went on and watched the first three popular zombie movies of Romero’s Living Dead series. And now here they are invading me once again. My jaw just dropped down the floor when I saw this book, seriously! A hardcover first edition is highly priced one these days and I’m not even bothered if this is a former library copy. I even heard rumors that there will be a movie adaptation of this one, with Brad Pitt starring in the leading role. Let’s see.

And that’s that.

How about you, what are you holiday loots for this Christmas season? Whatever it is Gentle Reader, I wish you’ll have loads of fun and the best of the holidays.

Dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Loot!

    • Seriously?! You reported this a report in front of Isagani Cruz? Wow! I would love to hear how did that turn out when we meet again in one of our the TFG’s Meet Up, Will.

    • Hi Peter!

      Thanks for taking the time reading this blog post. Now please don’t envy me, I’m sure there’s still copies in some other NBS Branches out there. One just needs perseverance.

      Here’s to hoping that you find one as well! 😉

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