The Start of Something “New”

The start of the New Year made me itch to do something new. Well, it’s not relatively “new” in the whole sense of the word since this feature that I’m going to introduce here have been done time and again by other bloggers. Take this as something to break the routine of the regular — more like occasional, really — book reviews I typically post here.

So without further ado Gentle Readers I present to you…

The title’s quite self-explanatory so let’s just skip that part. What you might be wondering is how in the hell am I going to pick every month’s author to present here?

“Is there a voting process?”

“Will it be subject to your (highly doubtful) intellectual and egotistical taste as a reader?” *eye-roll*

“Will all the authors that are going to be featured every month will compose ONLY of writers from the horror genre? You know, those kinds of creepy books that you have a shameless love and obsession to?”

“And please…. don’t let it be another Stephen King book! Man, I’m tired of always hearing that from you.”

Fret not Gentle Readers, the process is fairly easy. I’m choosing the Author of the Month by their…

*wait for it*

*wait for it*



Yes, seriously. Genuis, eh? No. lol

So what does this “new” blog feature wish to accomplish?

If there’s any New Year’s Reading Resolution I got up my sleeve, it’s to reduce the pile of my books to read. Basically, that’s every reader’s problem and I’m struggling with it, mulling over when the right the time  for the books I bought two years ago will be read. This, I think, seems to be the right answer to that. Why? For one, authors that will be featured as Author of Month must be included in my TBR list, obliging me to read one,  two or a few of the featured author’s books during the month of his/her birthday. This is also my way of celebrating the author’s work and can be considered too as my simple gift to them. Another good thing is that it will lead me to try and discover other genres and type of books I’ve overlooked in the past.

I don’t really care how many books I can finish this year and neither am I setting any expectations for it. So I’ll just wing it then! Put simply, haste makes waste for  I don’t look at book reading as a race. For me it’s always been the immersive reading experience, how I savor each and every sentence, how the story engaged and swept me away. Ultimately, it’s the quality not the quantity that counts.

Moving on and starting on this blog feature I now present to you the Author of the Month for January 2011…

Of course, J.R.R. Tolkien is renowned all over the world as the creator of The Lord of the Rings and its equally fantastic prequel The Hobbit, which, apparently, is the book I’m currently reading. In case you haven’t noticed, January 3, 1892 happens to be his birth date and I found out that the Tolkien Society has a unique way of commemorating this by doing the 2011 Birthday Toast where “Tolkien fans around the world are invited to raise a glass and toast the birthday of this much loved author by 21:00 (9 pm)” in the country’s local time. Go jump over and visit the Tolkien Society and see some of the entries from all over the world from people who pays honor to one of the well-loved authors that ever lived. I quite hate myself knowing this just by know and though I might skip drinking an alcohol I’ll replace it with either coffee or chamomile tea — which I suppose works the same, eh. After all it’s the gesture that counts, right?

You might also remember a post I did back then professing my love for Tolkien and his notable works. I’m glad to report that my feelings remain the same rereading The Hobbit after eight or so years ago; I’m still enthralled by the story, doubling over with some of its characters’ funny quirks (that I haven’t noticed until now!) and dazzled by the sheer magical experience  of it all. Sorry if that’s all I’m going to say for now; I’m saving it all up for the review of this book, so keep posted Gentle Readers.

What makes it twice as exciting this time around is because of the much-anticipated movie adaptation of this book, and though production encountered some snags, filming will start sometime this year and I’m crossing my fingers hard that it’ll be shown, as planned, in 2012. Wohoo! biggrin I’m really pleased that Peter Jackson has decided to take the helm to direct this movie; after all he’s the one who breathe life to The Lord of the Rings on the screen. For the latest news on the filming of The Hobbit please see The One

Oh, and before I forgot, with drink in hand, here’s what I’m going to say for tonight’s 2011 Birthday Toast:

My intense love for reading and of languages I forever owe to Tolkien, TO THE PROFESSOR! 😉


3 thoughts on “The Start of Something “New”

    • Abso-BLOODY-lutely! Ms Judy! 😀

      Actually, I’m planing to read The Stand or the first three books of The Dark Tower series. September’s still far yet I’m already thrilled right now. 😕

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