Blockade Billy, The New Kid on the Block

Let me introduce you to  the new kid on my bookshelf…

One word: Awesome! Stephen King's Blockade Billy book front cover

Finding this one (yet again on the bargain bin of National Bookstore for the measly price of only 99php!) made me jump up with glee — well, as far as jumping up with glee in public places is considered acceptable. But really, I nearly fainted when I saw this one, given that this book was just released last year as a deluxe hardcover signed edition with a limited print run of only 10, 000 copies ensuring this is a definite must-have-collection for any Stephen King fan. I’m only your average Uncle Stevie fan and right when I read an email announcing that Blockade Billy is now up for grabs for die-hard collectors out there, I resigned myself to the fact that having a Trade Hardcover First Edition would do.

The book back cover showing "a reproduction of the only known William "Blockade Billy" Blakely baseball card ever produced."

Before you get the wrong notion the copy I found is just a second printing of the First Edition published by Cemetery Dance and, sadly,  without even a mere trace of Stephen King’s signature nor a ghost of a line — in fact, the title page’s as clear as sunshine, folks!

Impressive interior artwork by Alex Mcvey

But what I’m really pleased about it, aside that it is cheap, is that this edition is heavily illustrated with interior artwork that will not be included in the Scribner edition and that it comes with a full-color dust jacket while Scribner ‘s edition is printed right on the book.

Pardon if the pictures are a bit blurred. Why don’t you jump over and look at the book jacket’s full splendor here. Frankly, Glen Obrik’s cover art remind me of those same illustrations found in most of the 1950-60’s pulp books. And before it escapes my mind,while you’re at it, read on the story’s premise. I promise, you’ll be intrigued right away.

The year is just starting and having Blockade Billy certainly caught me by surprise. Likewise, I do look at it as a blessing of sorts, a beginner’s luck, if you will, to kick in, book-wise and other things, aright. It is as if teasing me of wonders in the offing and right now, at the on set, all I’m gonna say is this:
“Bring it on, baby!”

Now get your asses out folks, before those awesome books ran out.

You just don’t know it, but there might be one out there wanting to be picked up by you. wink


3 thoughts on “Blockade Billy, The New Kid on the Block

    • I found it on NBS Cubao Superbranch. Don’t worry Judy, I’ll try to find one for you in my future book hunting in other branches of NBS.

      Oh, I sure do hope I’ll find one! 🙂

      I’ll inform you once I succeeded! 😀

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