A Series of Fortuitous Events

Photo courtesy of Blooey

I’m always on the look out to do something new this year.

Then sometime this week while browsing Facebook, I happen to stumble upon this request on my home page inviting me on to an event called Snape Day. Seeing that this one was set up by Blooey, I already had an idea that this is a Harry Potter related event, so I decided  I wouldn’t lose a thing if I went out of my way and see this one for myself, just for kicks.

So what’s Snape Day you ask? Well, it’s none other than the day celebrating the birthday of our dear Severus Snape who was born in January 9, 1960.

I know. Celebrating a birthday of a person totally out of book is somewhat weird, but after witnessing it myself I really thought it was all fun which, apparently, I had myself during the event.

Truth be told, I was a bit timid when I first go to Libreria; I felt like the new kid on the play pen. But eventually I had the hang of it and these people, (some of whom I had the pleasure of knowing during last year’s Mockingjay launch) was no different from the usual bunch I spend bookish events with. Before long, I’m in the middle of it, having fun and all during the Snape Trivia Challenge, chipping in answers to some of the questions I know and keeping mum on other I didn’t have any clue about. In the end our team (I’m in the House of Slytherin) made it in the top three and it was not quite bad since it was a hard-fought competition.

This blog post is just a short note expressing my gratitude to all the organizers and the people who made Snape Day a success. I really had fun! And Libreria will still be the best hangout for such bookish events I dare say! 😉

For a full coverage of what transpired on Snape Day, please click here.

And that Gentle Readers marks the first bookish event I’ve attended this year! I’m looking forward for others soon, particularly the upcoming Filipino Book Bloggers Author Meet Up with Mariane Villanueva on the 22nd.

See you there! 🙂


Call it an act of Fate…

Call it coincidence…

Call it beginner’s luck on the move once again…

But what truly made last Saturday a memorable one for me is that (yet again!) I found some Stephen King books, in a span of only some days, courtesy of the trusty second-hand bookstore, Booksale. That’s a winning streak for the record, folks!

I know you had had enough of my Stephen King rant last week, but I just couldn’t let go of this chance to once again toot my own horn for scoring these awesome finds.

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

I’m sucker for Uncle Stevie’s short stories. My review of Night Shift definitely shows that. This story collection, (surprise!) is no exception showing us what a great Master Storyteller he is as he once again invites us again on that realm of dread while tugging our hearts as well. I read The Man in the Black  Suit from this collection earlier last year and I was floored by the subtle topic it presented; no wonder he won both the O. Henry Award for Best Short Fiction and World Fantasy Award in 1995 for this. I also mainly anticipate reading Riding the Bullet and am curious if it was well worth the hype it caused during 2000 when it was touted as the very first successful mass-market electronic book in the world.

IT by Stephen King

“Finally!” I said with a gasp when I saw this one. I have never been this surprised on my book-hunting experience since locating a copy of The Stand last year. I was twice as much blessed when I confirmed that I got the Hardcover First Edition. I’m really excited when I get to read this one and savor all of its 1,338 glory! And I’m not a bit bothered (read: frightened) by it’s sheer thickness, mind you.

As always, dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉


6 thoughts on “A Series of Fortuitous Events

  1. Since you were talking about Stephen King here, I remembered one book he wrote that I would LOVE to have: On Writing. Other writer friends have that book but I never got to acquire a copy. Hm. Must remember that.

    Looks like you had fun at Snapeday. 🙂 I would’ve gone but my dad arrived that weekend. See you on the 22nd though!

    (Although…Ace and Ranee are planning something this weekend daw? Videoke, I hear)

    • Yes, Tina, On Writing is one such book that is highly recommended to people who wants to be a writer. I’ll give you a heads up if I happen to find another copy on one of my book-hunting days.

      Indeed, I had fun that day. I thought other GR friends would also come but it’s also good that Kwesi was there to accompany me.

      And yeah, see you on the 22nd but I might miss what Ace and Ranee is planning for the weekend since I’ll it’s the same date as the Sto. Niño Festival in Tondo. 😦

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