What I Got for March

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Though the first and second week of March had been hectic — swamped with work related errands as usual — I think an overdue book-hunting is in order, just to de-stress and splurge on — a bit.

Following are some of this month’s awesome finds brought to you by my favorite secondhand bookstore, Booksale.

Catalyst by Laurie Halse Andersen (Viking Juvenile, Hardcover, PHP55)

I tremendously enjoyed Andersen’s prize-winning novel Speak, and though it features the same high school setting, it introduces a new bunch of different of characters. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll like just this as much and hope for the best that Andersen will bring something new to the table.

Case Histories by Kate Atkinson (Little, Brown, Hardcover, PHP55)

Truth be told, I already have the Trade Paperback edition of the book, but I just can’t help it when that obsessive-compulsive book behavior ticks and I just cave in since well, I already have the second and third book in this detective series in Hardcover. I mean, can you blame me? And in case you’re wondering, yes, Uncle Stevie has something to do why I got caught up with this series early on; well, the excellent blurb just sold it for me.

A Simple Plan by Scott Smith (Vintage, Trade Paperback, PHP75)

The trouble with me is that I’m a patented chronological reader. Okay, I’m not being clear with you here, what I mean is when I love an author or is interested to know his body of work, I exhaust every means just to satiate that nagging curiosity just to know how this or that author’s debut novel fared/went. And that’s also the reason why I still haven’t read Smith’s second novel, Ruins, even after owning it for years. PS. You may also refer to the previous entry last sentence for the reason why did I picked up this book. People hate it when I’m redundant. Ahehe…  😀

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (FSG, Hardcover, PHP55)

I’m pretty sure that I read the name Marilynne Robinson before, but I just can’t recall where, and so I had doubts whether I’ll buy this book or not. Good thing I listened to the “Voice” as it turns out to be a Pulitzer-prize winner! Plus, this fantastic review made me feel glad about my decision. Thanks Pau! 😉

The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (Plume, Trade Paperback, PHP180)

If you’ve been a long time visitor of this book blog, then you can now already see the basic pattern every book-hunting post runs: it ain’t complete without even mentioning an awesome Stephen King book loot. And just about every episode is gushing with fanboy craziness, if not giddiness! Well, I can’t blame you if you’re already fed up with it, but please, will you allow me this:


*ehem!* redface Moving on…

The Matrix: Revisted (DVD, PHP65) and Blaze by Richard Bachman (Simon & Schuster, Audio Book, PHP 65)

You know it’s not everyday that you chance on a cool deal such as these two. I’m a BIG fan of The Matrix Trilogy and though I already have Blaze, right now I’m planning to read the book while listening to the audio read by Ron McLarty.

Mighty Bright Mini Book Light (PHP65)

I’ve been hearing a lot about these “bookish gadgets,” if you can practically call them as such, from Blooey. Good thing I had the luck to run into one of these in a branch in Cubao. For such a little thing, swell, it’s mighty bright! And you just can’t know it when will you need such a thing especially during power shortages (read: brownouts), or when your mother’s smack ready to kill anyone in sight when refuse to turn off  the light in the dead of the night just because you’re in that exciting part in the book where you just can’t put it down which consequently robs her of precious sleep (Ugh! Story of my life!). What do you know, this might also be handy in the coming zombie apocalypse, eh? Nah, I’m just messing with you. Well, if you just can’t help it and you’re itching to read that book tonight while taking part in Earth Hour, then I say this thing is what you might need.

That’s it for March, Gentle Readers… or is it? Let’s see since me and some friends are cooking up a plan to visit this hip indie bookstore in the Metro this coming week and whatddyaknow, we also might try to eat that well-known  best-damn-isaw or grab a bite of that Rodic fellow’s famous tapsi alongside.

Till then, dark nights and creepy wonders. 😉


12 thoughts on “What I Got for March

    • Yes, Kwesi I already tried it during Earth Hour! The product really speak for itself when it says mighty bright! It goes along well when you use alkaline batteries and it sure do last for hours. 🙂

      • This one’s too little for a Hardcover book too. I bought this in Booksale Shopwise Cubao. But I think they have other varieties of this book light. I hope those stocks are still by the time you decided to buy one if ever. I sort of went ahead and purchased this one as a sampler.

  1. Nice haul! 🙂

    Which Dark Towers volume are you still looking for? Might chance upon one of those in Booksale-Robinsons Ermita.

    I love books, but I was never a fan of book lights. It adds more strain to my eyes, unfortunately. 😦

    • Thanks Monique!

      Well, it’s now down to book 3 and 7.
      I just bought the mini book light in case of emergencies specially during power shortages for they bore the hell out of me.

      Happy reading! 😀

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