Look up! It’s a New Header!

September means many things to many people.

For some of our Gentle Readers living across the world it means the start of the school year. To others living farther from the equator in the northern hemisphere it heralds the coming of the fall season, followed by cold, wintry days. And to most of us Filipinos once September arrives, along with the onslaught of the -BER months, it means it’s time to dust off the Christmas albums and play it on the stereo in loud, booming sound and to cross out the days in the calendar to count down the coming of the Yuletide Season.

Indeed, September means many to things to anybody and as for this little, dark alley of mine it means one thing: a sign of great things to come!

And to kick this off — in my own small way at the very least — by tinkering with the look of the blog…. aaannnddd there you have it: my newly-amateurishly made header along with the same bland, dull black background (remember folks, it’s called Dark Chest of Wonders for nothing. Haha! :D)

There’s just a few things I need to say about the new header (call this an exercise to puff more air in my over-bloated ego at any rate) and I promise it will not take too long (though if this bores you to death as you read along then with all means you may close this site’s window. Okey-Thenks-Bye!).

Of course, being a book blog an image of a book still needs to be included in the header and so you have at your left side (a small nod to show that I’m a left-handed person) an image of an open book from which scintillating light emanates. There’s just something that clicked in me seeing the image for the first time. It made me thought of the maxim Knowledge is Power. I know you already get the message so I need not expound more about it. Moving on…

Well, there’s the same ole font style I use, and to make ’em more spiffy I added a glowing effect just to reflect/accentuate the book’s glowing image on the left. Nothing profound there. That’s all.

On the farther right is the rather more obvious image emphasizing the name of the blog. I say I like this more that the previous image of Pandora for it adds a further mystery of sorts: What’s inside the chest? What are the discoveries I will make when I open, look upon, and explore its contents? These are some of the questions that came from the top of my head looking at this image.

Before I let you go Gentle Readers, in case the inquiring bunch of you were wondering where the hell did I got the name for this blog, why, just click this link and find out for yourself.

And for some bit of reminiscence’s sake, here’s my former header. Feel free to bash it along with the new one. Ahaha! 😀

I’m laughing my ass off! My, this post could also subtitle it as: A Review of a Blogsite Header. Oh, well! 😀

That’s it for me, and I thank you for taking the time for reading/putting up with my incoherent babbling.

Remember, we are chests of wonders to each and all.

Dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉


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