Celebrating a Year of Wonders

As much as anything else September is a month that has by now become so very special to me. More so as I am pleased to announce Gentle Readers that today, this humble spot in cyberspace tucked in the dark alley of the book blogosphere is celebrating its very first anniversary.

You heard that right; Dark Chest of Wonders is now a year old!

As clichéd as it has always sound, time does fly by when you’re enjoying yourself — and what a year it has been!

Looking back now, I can’t help but recall with fond memories how clueless was I when I first made my WordPress account and likewise how helpless was I in designing the blog. I literally languish during the first week without any idea how I will go about and post my reviews (for I have a stock of them at the time) after registering and getting the blog. For a person like me who really have no — as in nada — knowledge on how html and computer language works, setting up my blog is like groping in the dark and became an exercise in trial and error (well, nothing has changed and the latter is still practiced up until now, at least in my case). It was a good thing that I had some friends like Tina and others, seasoned bloggers in their own right, who guided me along the way and helped me, steering me in the ins and outs of online journaling. I owe each of them very much.

After a year of blogging, or to be more specific, writing book reviews and some of the bookish related events I participated in, what have I truly learned? First, content is the lifeline of your blog, and as much as I would like to believe that I’m writing these reviews and various musings for my own enjoyment (read: navel gazing), once I posted each entry it is out there for public consumption and I owe it to the reader/s — my Gentle Readers, as my term of endearment to you, yes you, the one who stares at the computer screen right now and reading this — the sincerity and honesty of what I write here, whether they come in droves or in measly trickles, even extending to the diligent spammers who almost always post comments but continuously put unrelated remarks (mostly endorsements for penis enlargement).

Second, I owe you a debt of gratitude and I would like to give thanks to my ten subscribers who put up with whatever I write here every week or so and for sticking with me the entire year. You are always on my mind, like a girl whom I fancy, the invisible force that pushes me on and reminds me to meet my always missed deadline of posting reviews; that still I’m way behind, and that thoughts of you unsubscribing my blog is what keeps me going during lazy days when I’m not just in the mood to put my opinions straight. Rest assured, I’m not thinking dirty thoughts when the bunch of you always cross my mind. 😀

Third, that in this age of triple w’s no reader lives like a hermit, in the same manner that no blogger stands alone, and as paradoxical as it may sound, that though reading is an endeavor done alone, it likewise fosters a community — a community of readers and book bloggers that is! And this was what really astounded me since day one when I joined The Filipino Group in Goodreads and Filipino Book Bloggers that in their passion they would go through lengths for the betterment of the Filipino readers. Through organizing Meet Ups or simple get together or a huge convention like the very first Filipino Reader’s Conference that happened on September 14, 2011 (more on this later) they’re out there sharing the love for reading, the love for the written word whether printed or on screen. They are people who would not frown at us when we tell that the death of a certain character made us cry buckets of tears, by how blown away we were by an author’s turn of phrase or how he or she can contain depth of emotions that you felt and responded to strongly in just a single sentence or by a voluminous paragraph. They are and will always be there listening with attentive ears, beaming in assent for he/she is no stranger — we completely understand one another. This kinship goes beyond types or genres of the book we like to read, it goes beyond the region or province where you live in the Philippines or the vernacular you speak, it goes beyond age. Reading has found and continuous to bind us together.

As I had said in my previous post, indeed, September bodes great things to come and though we’re just on the second week of the month, from where I stand it’s getting too crazy lately.

Again, thank you for sticking with me for a year now. I really don’t how long will this “mad hobby” would last. I guess as long there are books to read and rave/rant about, I and this dark alley will still be here. As long as there is a computer and an internet connection to keep in touch with bookish friends to talk and seek good book recommendations I guess I will still be here, writing in this gloomy, little corner.

I will not keep you for long now, someone’s got to blow the tiny candle on his cupcake and make his little wish.

Remember, we are chests of wonders to each and all.

As always, dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉


11 thoughts on “Celebrating a Year of Wonders

  1. Happy 1st birthday, Dark Chest of Wonders! Yey, magka-age pala blogs natin. 😀

    Burger, burger, burger! Err…maybe, book giveaway, book giveaway, book giveaway (?) LOL kidding! 🙂

    • Yes, I thought that our respective blog was launched on the same year. Anyway, as to the book giveaway just keep posted. You may never know when a surprise comes your way.
      Thanks, Lynai! 😀

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