The Secret Stephen King Giveaway

I know a lot of you Gentle Readers are expecting a book giveaway since the day I announced that this dark, little corner is now a year older. Pretty much from a year’s exposure to blogging and its consequent activities that I saw, a giveaway, or a book giveaway to be more specific, is a thing that’s being done by book bloggers time and again that has somehow evolved as a tradition of sorts when a blog hits a milestone, aside from the promotional stuff.

Taking a page from that, it is with all modesty that I introduce to you The Secret Stephen King Giveaway. It’s a plan that’s been jelling in my mind for some months now and with this I want to hit two birds with one stone as the blog’s anniversary coincides with the same birth month with one of my favorite writers, Stephen King. And what better way to do that than by giving away books; yes, you heard that right, I’m giving away books — as in literally! You see, I’m doing this giveaway my way and let me beg from calling it a contest since there willl be no competition whatsoever; no form(s) to fill, no questions to answer, no posts to like, no requirement to link my blog on to any social networking site — I’m bending the rules as I see fit.

So what impelled me to do such a crazy thing? Well, I’m a bit of a stickler for rules being a law-abiding citizen and all (I’m stating it tongue in cheek and it is not to be construed as a self-righteous statement, heh :razz:) that late developments posed a snag when doing blog contests nowadays. So in response to that this book give away is the not-so-genius and lamest thing that I came up with, saving me the trouble in case you know… Plus, I just love giving away books for it’s one of the most effective ways to spread the love of reading.

With all that cleared let’s proceed to the winner of this month’s secret give away — secret because I’m the only one who knows who will win and the few requirements it takes to pass the grade. However, before we continue on, this particular person needs a few introductions than just merely stating the lucky one’s name right away.

We’ve been friends close to a year now and call it sheer coincidence, call it the works of the hands of fate or what have you, we’ve known each other through one thing: our absolute love for (who else?) Stephen King. I stumbled upon her message posted on the Stephen King Facebook Group on October 2010 with a link to her blog entry confessing her undying love for Uncle Stevie — she even went as to say that she is his mistress! LOL! 😀 From then on it’s a friendship waiting to happen and there we are exchanging comments on our respective blogs. You can read her passionate views on life and in love (mostly) on her famous blog exCOMMUNICADO. She is currently working as a field reporter in one of the top networks in our country. And so it is with great pleasure I present to you this month’s winner is…

Judy Marie with a copy of Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon, Hardcover First Edition. At her back is her immense Stephen King library.

But fret not Gentle Reader, I’m extending the party for I think this is a splendid thing to do in the coming months. You might never know when it will be you that I’m going to pick next. For now always keep posted and be the good lads and lasses that you are.

 As always, dark nights and creepy wonders! 😉


6 thoughts on “The Secret Stephen King Giveaway

  1. Wow, the first time I read this, I thought September is my birth month! This is an advanced birthday present, though! Thanks for choosing me to be the first recipient of your book giveaway! 🙂 This is really nice, this thing you’ve done for Stephen King’s mistress… HAHA! Thank you and I really really hope I can surprise you too, and give you such awesome intro. 🙂 Thanks for the book and for this chance to have such airtime/webtime here in your creepy blog! 😛 Thanks!!! 🙂

    • Then treat it too as my early birthday gift to you, Judy. Really, there’s a surprise coming my way? Oh, my!
      As always, the pleasure is mine, Judy! 🙂

      Dark nights and creepy wonders…

  2. Hey! This post made me gain a lot of hits the past week! HAHA! Thanks and I hope the Facebook link I posted on my wall also helped you! Haha. Thanks again for this, I’m going to feature this in one of my widgets… showing how famous my blog has become. Thanks for the friendship. 🙂

    • And that’s not the end of it. I’ll delight him even more as I will be reading his monster tome of a book, IT!
      Pray I’ll be able to finish that 1138 pages whopper! 🙂
      My warm regards and happy reading, Judy!

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