Then I Come to the End

And so four months and three days have come to pass when I have concluded my reading of the singular adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend and chronicler Dr John H. Watson in the world of crime. It is an occasion with a marked ambiguity,  a mingled feeling both of elation and sadness as I finally come upon the last pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s renowned work. Indeed, having read the 56 short stories and the 4 novels, or what is collectively known as the Canon or the Sacred Writings, I can’t help but be proud of myself; it’s like conquering the height of a mountain. However, basking as I was in my present victory, there’s a part of me that laments the occasion when I closed the book and realization hit me that no more will follow.

I can’t get enough of Sherlock Holmes! I think there’s no one in my numerous readings so far had me obsessing over a fictional character comparable to the Great Detective.  He fascinates me, and though his habits and behaviour may earn the ire and rankle other people, I find it irresistible. Perhaps, this could have been the same sentiments Dr Watson had when he first met him on that fateful day as seen in the pages of A Study in Scarlet. Now I know now the experience of what several Sherlockian and Holmesians refer to as the “attendant madness” upon finishing the Canon. Well then Gentle Readers, it is true; I for one I have been seize by that infectious enthusiasm for all things concerning the Great Detective.

The true purpose of this post, lest it escape me, is to mark it a milestone in my long, arduous, reading pursuit that on the dates of February 7 to June 10, 2012 I begun and concluded my reading of the Canon.

Truly, that period in Victorian London will never be the same in my eyes with its horse-drawn carriages and the city’s swirling fogs, nor will I ever forget — being their constant visitor I easily slip in their comfortable and cozy company while the fire merrily crackles in the hearth — of having known the famous lodgers of 221B Baker Street whom I shall regard (for their unassailable loyalty and friendship) as the best and wisest men I have ever known.


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