Flick Jabber, Where I Yammer and Yatter About Films

Films! Movies! Flicks!

Call them whatever you like, who doesn’t like watching them?

I confess I’m a closet film buff, and one of my long standing frustrations is missing out on writing about the movies I’ve seen since starting this dark alley. My initial plan really was to include short blog posts about some of the movies I watched recently or even those that have become my favorite, the grade being movies I’ve seen a couple of times. But self-doubt gnawed me as I see myself incapable for such a task fearing that I don’t have the proper know how to review a movie — from where creds go I only have Introduction to Film under my belt. Also, it might confuse random viewers of the blog having split personality teetering from being a movie to a book blog.

This time tough I’m throwing caution to the wind! We only live once and I will not spend the remaining of my blogging life — and as far as the amount of storage space WordPress allows — lamenting this missed opportunity.

I believe I have already firmly established this spot on the cyberspace as a book blog (if it’s a delusion kindly wake me up to shake me back to my senses). Seeing the blog back into life along with the usual bunch of book reviews and reading projects I’m currently undertaking makes me more than happy. However, there’s a part of me that calls for variety, and this lead me to create yet another blogging category (as if I haven’t already enough on my plate).

And the result — drum rolls please — is…

Flick Jabber is where I write, rave, rant, and yammer about films ranging from the ones I have recently watched, the oldies but goodies, and some of my all-time favorites.

This new category is actually an off shoot of a recent blog feature Read the Book, See the Film. I’m not the O-C kind, and the blog’s a testament to my haphazard, spur-of-the-moment personality, but this just provides a proper venue for interaction for some such posts where movie recommendations are welcome as well and, lastly, to separate it from the book reviews.

If there’s any disclaimer I want to make for this new category it’s this: don’t expect any professional film reviews (there’s a wealth for that if you search the internet), just honest-to-goodness opinions of flicks I feel strongly about and enthusiastic for.

Stay tuned Gentle Readers for the first film that will make it in Flick Jabber. Judging from the previous posts, I think you already have a clue.

Till then!

Dark nights and pleasant wonders!


6 thoughts on “Flick Jabber, Where I Yammer and Yatter About Films

  1. I am also considering blogging about movies since, like you, I am a film buff. But I rarely have the time to blog and adding another category to my plate seems like an unwise thing to do. However, you have inspired me to do so and I may blog about movies in the near future.:D

    • I too have your initial worries, Bennard, but as I’ve said posts under this category is an anything goes type of reviewing. Yes, this will take as much of my time as with reading and writing reviews, so I will not do this just as regularly as the former. I think I’ll just do a post when I feel if the movie is really worth writing about.

      And that means a lot to me when you said this one inspired you to do the like.

      My warm regards and happy reading, Mr Book Hooligan! 😉

  2. I used to blog about books and films and my literary attempts, but I decided to separate them since my love for movies has waned and since my literary attempts slid to an all-time low. No worries since I see a handful of book/movie blogs here and there. 😉

    • Yeah, I kinda miss your literary diaries page in your blog.

      As for me, this just an outlet to express my love (or hate) particularly to books adapted into film. Ha! 😀

      • Oh, so they’re not your ordinary movies then? At least there’s a niche. For reference, you may run a Google search with the keywords “books to movies” to see comprehensive lists. You might be surprised to see existing film adaptations of books you’ve read!

      • Well, as I said it’s an everything goes category about film. Nothing serious, and all is done out of good cheer!

        Interesting! Thanks for the little bit of info, Madame Book Rhapsody-zer! 😉

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