The Weekly Awesome Book Finds

Book purchases, book gifts, and book recommendations are the factors that make a reader’s life, the fuel that propels his passion. As an exercise to record and present the bookish awesomeness of each week of every month I’m now posting recently acquired books collectively under the new blog category The Weekly Awesome Book Finds from this moment henceforth.


Here’s my Weekly Awesome Book Finds on the third week of October, 2012.

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October 16, 2012 — SM Megamall

  • It’s a Mens World by Bebang Siy — bookish friends are just raving how good, charming and funny this book is, more so when it won the recent Filipino Readers’ Choice for the Essay Category. But I kind of hold off from buying the book despite seeing copies of it during the 32nd Manila International Book Fair with the signature of the author to boot! The reason: I was struck once again by my I-got-to-have-it-in-First-Edition fetish. Fortunately, after tirelessly scouring various bookstore branches, a friend spotted the sought after edition in National Bookstore Megamall which I bought for PHP195. I’m currently reading the book — and having a great time with it — for a read-along for the newly minted group Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books on Goodreads.
  • Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier — bought this for PHP60 in Booksale. I’m aware that I already have another edition of the book, however, the previous one is too precious to lug around while I’m commuting — it’s gilt edged and looks like a Bible and I don’t want to be mistaken for a pastor while reading this in public. Ha! 😀 I don’t know if this is the illustration when the novel was originally published in the 1930s, but it sort of gives that certain vibe to it and it’s one of the reasons why I bought it aside from the fact that it also resembles the page count, design and typography of the previous one I have; maybe both books are printed using the same printing plates. Actually, finding this book comes at opportune timing for a reading project I’m cooking up for next month. About what? Well, this book’s a dead giveaway, pun intended.
  • The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum with illustrations by W. W. Denslow — bought for PHP120 in Booksale. I’m quite ashamed to admit it but I haven’t read this book yet, which is also why I was a bit apprehensive to read Wicked by Gregory Maguire. The same thing goes to the classic Judy Garland film adaptation, too. Let’s see if it will be enough to get me curious and excited to read some of the books in the Oz series.


October 18, 2012 – Cubao-Araneta Center

  • Tales from the Perilous Realm by J. R. R. Tolkien with illustrations by Allan Lee — bought for PHP225 in Booksale, Shopwise. As you quite all know Gentle Readers, I’m a big Tolkien fan and though I already owned two, separate books that includes the often overlooked tales of the author, I will not let the opportunity pass me by and regret not getting it later. The deciding factor for this purchase: Tolkien’s tale about the toy dog Roverandom and the illustration of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy production designer Allan Lee’s haunting illustrations. A good company if ever the lust for a light fantasy reading strikes me.
  • The Anvil Jose Rizal Reader edited by Ani V. Habulan — bought for PHP25 in National Bookstore, Superbranch. One of my sweet deals for this week! From its steep price of PHP250 to an almost 90% discount off, I was ecstatic when I spotted the copy in the bargain bins. This book is on my mental wish list ever since and will be a nice commemorative reading for the month of December when the nation celebrates the National Hero’s martyrdom.


October 19, 2012

  • The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes by Sherlock Holmes with the original illustrations by Sidney Paget — bought for PHP350 from an online bookseller. The crowning glory of this week’s awesome book finds! Since finishing the entire canon — comprising of 56 short stories and four novels — early this year, I’ve instantly became a fan of the Great Detective leading to a fascination and a desire to get various editions of the Sacred Writings as much as possible and within my wallet’s reach. What makes me drool over this book is in how it presents the stories in the fashion when it was originally published in The Strand magazine by Conan Doyle with the illustrations of Holme’s famed iconographer Sidney Paget. Upon receiving the book yesterday I dove in right away and read some of my favorite stories; doing so offers an all new experience in reading Holmes and Watson’s adventure in crime and mystery all together!

I hope you have an awesome book finds this week too, Gentle Readers.

Dark nights and pleasant wonders!


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