Komikon Loot and Another Round of Filipiniana Finds

Like others I thought October will end in its silent way, slipping by without my notice; yet I was proved quite mistaken for certain events over the past weekend before the month concludes have once again surprised me for the awesome book finds that will come my way — all for just one day!

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October 27, 2012

8th Philippine Komiks Convention (Komikon 2012

  • Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo — bought for PHP 150 at the Visprint Booth. This is the very first item I sought when I arrived at the convention’s venue at the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong for Visprint, the publisher, said they’re only going to sell 500 copies of it during the event. Amidst the jam packed horde of komiks fans I dart my way through to their booth, emerging triumphant as I have my copy signed by both the writer and the illustrator. I can’t wait to find out what new foe Alexandra Trese will have to battle with this time in Manila’s criminal underbelly lorded over by creatures from the Philippine lower mythology.
  • Kadasig by David Hontiveros and Ian Sta. Maria — bought for PHP 75 in the Alamat booth. I chanced on this one while lining up to have my copy of Trese 5 signed. Kadasig is one of the characters I’m familiar with encountering him first on the pages of Underpass horror comics anthology and fresh from my recent reading of Skyworld volumes one and two a few months ago. Since the character will now star in a komiks of his own I wish he will be given a proper character development (since the former is just a short snippet and the latter a cameo of sorts), a grand story arc, and more snappy action scenes. In my opinion, Ian Sta. Maria is one of the great artists working on the current komiks scene and I can’t get enough of his works!
  • Children’s books written and illustrated by Robert Magnuson: What Beetle Can Do (PHP 65), Bully Saurus Rex (PHP 65), and Boom Bang Clang written by Maloi Maibiran- Salumbides (PHP 150) — I never knew I’m going to find Robert Magnuson during the Komikon. Even though his two children’s books that I bought during the 33rd Manila International Bookfair are aimed at younger readers, I nevertheless enjoyed reading them. Which then makes it plain why I jumped at the opportunity to buy his books right there and then. I think he was a bit, uhm, puzzled when I gave him my name and said the books are for me when he was signing the books. Well sir Robert, here’s one reader who remains a child… at heart. Ha! Ha! 😀
  • Pepe: The Lost Years of Rizalbought for PHP 70 in the Precious Pages booth — this one I haven’t the faintest clue what about only that it involves Rizal, and that for me is enough to get me interested Of the multitude of komiks I saw during the event this one earns the distinction to have a figure from the Nation’s history for a protagonist, and it’s our National Hero at that!. It’s quite a bold undertaking if you ask me.

Bookay-Ukay, Quezon City

  • Leaf Storm  by Gabriel Garcia Marquez — bought for PHP 150. After we had our fill of komiks treat at the Komikon, a friend invited us to do some book hunting in the place. I think I still got a good deal out of this one. Also, I’m a sucker for old edition, yellowing, and dust-smelling books. At the present time, I’m considering if I’ll tackle this one first before bravely challenging myself to read Marquez’s renowned masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Popular Bookstore, Quezon City

  • Nine Supernatural Stories edited by April Timbol Yap and Lara Saguisag — bought for PHP 165. So you see Gentle Readers, one bookstore isn’t enough for a day of book hunting for the likes of us, so after eating lunch we then headed to Popular Bookstore in the Morato area. This book was the first one to catch my attention as any book with the word “supernatural” on its cover is enough criteria to interest me. Again, this might come helpful for something I plan on doing for the coming month.
  • Ilang Talang Luma Buhat sa Talaarawan ng Isang May Nunal sa Talampakan  by Jun Cruz Reyes — bought for PHP 185. Honestly, I haven’t read anything from Professor Reyes’s works yet; I got this feeling though that he might become one of my favorite local authors. I guess I’m just waiting for the right moment to prove in time with the right book.
  • Utos ng Hari at Iba Pang Kuwentoby Jun Cruz Reyes — bought for PHP 125. Good thing my friends and I explored the bargain books sold on the floor above the bookstore’s building, and a friend spotted this book which I quickly snatched from her, not that she isn’t interested in Philippine Literature anyway. Maybe this is the right book I’ve been waiting all along since this collection of some of his award-winning short stories is the very first published work by Professor Reyes. I might bumped this one on my to-be read list just for kicks.


With that October has given me its last hurrah! I’m looking forward and sincerely hoping that  November will be just as awesome bookwise!

That’s it for me Gentle Readers, Happy Halloween!


Feel free to post any of your thoughts, comments, and reactions.

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