The Themed Reading Scheme

Aside from being a stickler and a patented chronological reader, that is, I read a particular author’s debut fiction first — if instinct (which I call The Voice as a term of endearment) persuasively dictates it can be a potential favorite — before I trudge on with his later works, I also get a kick out of reading books with a specific theme.

I don’t know how or when this began, but sometimes I feel successive books I had read are laced with an underlying theme or come together with alike motif haphazard though my choice might be.

Times like this give me the creeps. The good ones. Don’t ask me, I’m clueless as to what’s causing this or whose hand can I put it down to. This experience, nevertheless, always makes reading tinge with magic for me. It boggles the mind that out of my sundry curiosities in books spanning different genres there emerges, clear as the sun, a single message, a moment of epiphany.

This one sounds like it can give Chaos Theory a run for its money, huh?

My love for themes and how it has become pervasive in my readings I’m bringing along on this dark alley in the guise of an all-inclusive reading project I dub The Themed Reading Scheme.


The Themed Reading Scheme is a monthly reading endeavor tackling books on
every respect and aspect in a free-and-easy setting where to-be read choices must
have one similar or unifying idea, concept, or motif.


May it be written by a specific author, under a certain genre or a host of writers of a particular nationality or culled from a set of lists and what have you, the beauty of this reading project is in how it gives the reader free rein on what books to read depending on one’s present interests but for its simple, open-ended rule.

From the time I cooked up this “scheme” earlier in October my head is already buzzing with ideas on what to try for a reading theme for the coming months and well into next year. Thinking about it, the possibilities under this mix and match endeavor are endless it’s getting me giddy with excitement. It’s also with a keen hope that this set up will help me scale down Mount TBR.

For now, keep posted on the blog and what I will come up with for November’s Themed Reading Scheme.

Dark nights and pleasant wonders!


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