November 2012: Ghoulish Reads

The Themed Reading Scheme is a monthly reading endeavor tackling books on
every respect and aspect in a free-and-easy setting where to-be read choices must
have one similar or unifying idea, concept, or motif.


Ahhh… November! Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a more fitting month for an opening salvo to commence my first reading project under the Themed Reading Scheme.

Not to beat around the bush, and what with the recent happenings as of late, this month’s reading theme is — you got that right Gentle Readers — Horror!

On my side of the globe, Halloween isn’t that celebrated as much in the West. In the Philippines though, All Soul’s Day, happening on November the second, is a widely observed tradition where Filipinos visit their departed loved ones in the cemeteries to lit candles and offer prayers — some even put food on their relatives’ grave.

It is also in this time of the month where talk about ghosts and things that go bump in the night gains momentum and capture’s everyone’s fancy, scaredy-cats included. And so keeping up with the spirit of the season (pun intended) why not read creepy books, eh?

However, I’m not simply going along with the flow, so to speak; Horror has been one of the genres I’ve been fascinated with in both books and movies. Numerous reviews under this tag on this dark alley easily prove this. See for yourself. My sole reason why I decided to take on such a theme, common place as it is for this time in the year, is that I haven’t had my fill of blood curdling stories for the past months seeing as it is that my present readings belong to the literary types. As odd as it may sound this month’s list of to-read choices are a breather and an exercise to indulge in one of my guilty reading pleasures.

Excitedly rubbing my palms, I already have a set of books under the genre in mind and at hand all lined up for reading and possible reviewing. A day or two isn’t enough to cover the number of tomes I’ve been salivating like a zombie to sink my (fanged) teeth in, so this reading endeavor is a month-long event celebrating not just Halloween as well as things concerning the universe of supernatural. Keep posted Gentle Readers for the books that will make it in November 2012: Ghoulish Reads.

Trick or treat!

4 thoughts on “November 2012: Ghoulish Reads

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