Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books

Becoming a member of yet another book club certainly has its lot of apprehensions for doing so doesn’t begin and end with a mere click of the “join” button: the act requires commitment.

The anxieties at the very beginning I nonetheless easily dispelled with, because joining Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books has a goal already aligned with my commitment to bring Filipino Literature the attention it deserves in the World Wide Web through my self- initiated reading project, Pinoy and Proud of It!

Created by my good friend K.D. on September 26, 2012 on Goodreads, the largest online social network for readers all over the world, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books is a group with a special focus on Filipino Literature. On its homepage it says:

“We are the Filipinos who patronize Pinoy books, our very own. When we say “Pinoy” books we mean all published works that are written in: (1) our own national language, Filipino (Tagalog); (2) other Philippine dialects; (3) English but published locally; (4) any other foreign languages but translated to Filipino; and (5) any language by any foreign authors with Philippines or Filipinos depicted or portrayed realistically and / or positively.”

Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books selects a book — according to a particular theme —  on a quarterly set up chosen and voted upon by its members via an online poll. Discussion then takes place on the group’s thread following a reading schedule and a meet and greet is then arranged with the book’s author(s) whenever possible and available.

For its first book discussion the group chose Bebang Siy’s It’s a Mens World and on December 1, 2012 held its initial face-to-face meet up with its members and the book author dubbed First Date: The It’s a Mens World Walking Tour and Book Discussion (more on this on a later post!).

Also on the said event Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books debuted it official group logo graciously made by writer Ronald Verzo, Bebang Siy’s fiancé.

Para sa panitikan, para sa bayan!

Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books

Ang pagbabasa, isang paglalakbay:
isang jeepney na kung saan-saan ka dadalhin.

Everyone who shares the same passion and enthusiasm for Filipino Literature is invited and more than welcome to join our growing community of Filipiniana book lovers.

To be able to join us, kindly create your own Goodreads account by clicking this link.

If you’re already a Goodreads member, here’s the link on our homepage:
Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books.

We are Pinoy readers and proud it!


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