Finally, Nick and Bebang!

Today’s post on The Weekly Awesome Book Finds is way overdue since I had bought these books as November came to a close (which was a good two weeks ago). But me being me, missed blogging dates are never an issue whenever expressing and sharing the book love to you, Gentle Readers, especially because of some of the rare finds I scored.


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November 26, 2012

Cubao Expo, Cubao-Araneta Center, Quezon City

  • Collected Verse by Nick Joaquin — got this from a bookseller for PHP 150. This volume “gathers together Nick Joaquin’s own choices among the poems he wrote from the mid-thirties till present.” Published in 1984, I presume this book is at the moment out of print, and it’s enough reason for me to get it even though it’s pricey. I’m aware I lack the knowledge when it comes to appreciating poems, but let’s see if Nick Joaquin can work his magic to me through his verse.

Claro M. Recto St., City of Manila

  • Manila, My Manila by Nick Joaquin — as they say when it rains it pours. It seems the day is just my lucky streak as I found yet another rare gem from National Artist as I was walking the length of Recto (to a branch of National Bookstore to look for my baby’s book for the Exchange Gifts in Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books’ Christmas Party) which I spotted and scored from a sidewalk book vendor for the good price of PHP 75 after a winning a bout of intense haggling. Former Manila Mayor Gemiliano “Mel” Lopez commissioned Joaquin to write a pop history of Manila aimed for the citizenry’s young populace, chiefly students, which was then distributed to school libraries within the municipality; that’s why it’s hard to come by a copy of the book since it’s not readily available to the general public. My copy is in a fairly bad shape, as can be seen on the picture, but I know I’ll gobble the pages just the same when nostalgia kicks in and urge me walk down memory lane to get to know the “distinguished and ever loyal city” more than its façade.


November 27, 2012

Solidaridad Bookshop, Ermita St., Manila

  • Prose and Poems by Nick Joaquin — bought for PHP 260. As they say, when it rains, it pours; since I’m already at it, and impelled by my fortunate strikes the day after, I set out to hunt for more of Nick Joaquin’s works. My research about his life led me to this book, the first one he ever published containing his early short stories and a number of poems that first appeared in several pre-war newspapers and magazines. After a few phone calls, I finally found out Solidaridad Bookshop still has stocks of it, so, down I go to the bookstore. Brrowsing the book, I was surprised to find out it also includes Joaquin’s famous play A Portrait of the Artist as a Filipino: An Elegy in Three Scenes; this sweetens the deal for me and I purchased the book right away along with…
  • Tropical Gothic by Nick Joaquin — bought for PHP 195. I easily spotted this book beside the one above. It’s also a compilation of Joaquin’s stories, some of which are previously included in Prose and Poems with the exception of three novellas. I still love the idea of seeing the stories under this collection, originally published in 1972, gathered in one book as opposed to what Anvil Publishing did when they recently printed and split the tales into three separate slim volumes.

Booksale, Robinsons Place Manila

  • The Stephen King Companion edited by George Beahm — bought for P115. I never really thought I will ever see a copy of this book in our country (Booksale really is the coolest thing!), and finding this jewel gave me warm fuzzy feeling of elation. This is the granddaddy of all the Stephen King companions out there published in 1989 before book companions even became an “in” thing in the 90s. Aside from the usual information about the Modern Master of Horror’s life and his works during the decade, I like the fact that it includes King’s first ever interview on Playboy Magazine which I haven’t seen on some of the books about the author I previously got. This one’s another awesome addition to my growing Stephen King collection.


November 30, 2012

National Bookstore,  Rizal Avenue Branch

(Note: because the following day, December 1, is our First Date: It’s a Mens World Walking Tour and Book Discussion, I scoured bookstores around for some of Bebang Siy’s earlier works prior her latest one for her to sign and a gift as well for some of my friends from the group Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books.)

  • Mingaw by Firda Mujer — bought for Php 90. Unknown to most of the readers of Bebang Siy’s It’s a Mens World, this is her very first published work brought by the LitEROTIKA imprint in 2006 which she wrote under a nom de plume. Because it’s a work printed a good seven years ago, this one’s a bit hard to find and I deem will be a Holy Grail for readers who want to be a completist of her works. Let me just warn young readers and fans of her recent book that it contains mature content and shows another side to Siy’s writing.
  • Palalim Nang Palalim Padilim Nang Padilim at Iba Pang Kuwento ng Lagim tinipon at pinamatnugutan ni Beverly Siy — bought for Php 80. This indeed is a surprise find while I was browsing the Filipiniana section of the bookstore. Unlike the one above, this book caters to a more wholesome portion of the reading public, particularly those with the inclination and liking for horror stories. Aside from being its editor, Beverly “Bebang” Siy also has a couple of stories included in this anthology. For its price, I think the book’s a good deal packed with stories, printed in quality grade paper (unlike the cheap newsprint), and I like its overall design fiiled with Josel Nicola’s illustrations. Too bad I rarely see a copy of it. Well, if you’ll see one Gentle Reader, I dare say go and grab it.


As it is often stated, late is better than never, and so on this note I conclude my November book hoarding.

Dark nights and pleasant wonders!


2 thoughts on “Finally, Nick and Bebang!

    • Yes, go visit Solidaridad Bookshop if you can. From my last visit there, I think they still have two or three copies of Prose and Poems.

      Nick Joaquin is ♥, indeed! Haha! 😀

      Thanks for visiting, Bennard!

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