A Bookish Filled Christmas Haul

As promised, here are the books I bought and received on December 1, 2012, when our book club, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books, fortunately bumped into F. Sionil José and had our very first Christmas Party and exchange gifts as recounted on my post, First Date: It’s a Mens World Walking Tour and Books Discussion.


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Solidaridad Bookshop, Ermita St., Manila

  • The Pretenders by F. Sionil Jose — bought Php 230. It’s a shame to admit I have only read My Brother, My Executioner, the third book in terms of chronology under the Rosales Saga series, during high school. To add insult to injury, much of what happened in the book remains sketchy in my memory. And so, this is the sign from the universe that I’ve been waiting all along that made decide to finally tackle the whole of the Rosales Saga next year. As my patented habit, I will not follow the suggested sequence of reading the novels under the saga, for I choose to read José’s work according to the year they were originally published. Let’s see next year.
  • Po-on: A Novel by F. Sionil José — bought for Php 260. This book’s actually an impulse buy since I don’t let the opportunity pass for the 2001 National Artist for Literature to sign at least two books. I hindsight, I should have got Tree since it’s the next novel after the one mentioned above if one follows José’s bibliography by the order of the book’s initial year publication.


Artistocrat Restaurant, Roxas Blvd., Manila

Here are the books I received, first, from Mommy in our Christmas Party exchange gifts activity, and presents from book club friends.

  • Bebang Siy — as I have earlier recounted, I was really surprised to learn she was my Mommy, and I’m equally pleased, too, because she gave not only one but two books from my wishlisht: Jessica Zafra’s Mananggal Terrorizes Manila and Other Short Stories (a book I’ve been hunting for the longest time!), Charlson Ong’s novel, Banyaga: A Song of War (after being satisfied by his latest book, Blue Angel, White Shadow, I determined to read more of his works), along with signed a poetry collection of Rio Alma, Ang Hayop na Ito!
  • Kwesi — who gave me a comic book, Animen: The Lightning written by Ron Medoza and illustrated by Randy Valiente.
  • Ayban — who gave me a copy of Lualhati Bautista’s novel, Desaparesidos.
  • Paolo Leo — who gave me Lourd de Veyra’s Super Panalo Sounds.
  • K.D. — who graciously gave me one of the books I highly sought after, a special library edition of Nick Joaquin’s Cave and Shadows along with other foreign titles.

To everyone, thank you for making my December an exciting, bookish filled Christmas.


Happy holidays, Gentle Readers!


Feel free to post any of your thoughts, comments, and reactions.

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