The Dark Chest Redux

After all these years, I’m still at it.

As the old saying goes, time flies by so fast, and it is with a bemused revelation that two years had passed since I last posted anything in this dark alley, my book blog. Like all mere mortals, I have neither an astounding excuse nor shameful circumstance to blame it on—only but that life happened.

When life beckons (like the reality of living, in and between jobs, and such other matters) some endeavors, sad as it is to say, fall by the wayside. Nonetheless, some things in life remain constant and that’s what reading is for me. As corny as sounds but, yeah, reading will forever remain a part of me like breathing. I’m still at it! Opening dark chests of wonders, these dark chests we call books.

Yes, you can say that I have been remiss in my book blogging chore (I hate to say that it is a duty because for me the word seems to mean that one must do it as bound and required by his function, whereas a chore is something that you do whether you feel like it or the hell with it—just like washing dishes. Hi, Mom!) Yet you can never accuse me that the habit of reading—that fellow reader is the duty—has ever left me nor have I given up on it. After all, a junkie needs his fix, right?

Recently, though, there are times when a book so awesome (or loathsome) crosses my path I can’t help but rant about it, get it out of my system, scream out loud to nag, push and get people to notice or read the book, that I suddenly found myself doing a micro-book blogging of sorts (a nugget book review, if you will) on Instagram aptly putting the hashtag #InstaBookRants on some posts. I guess it’s still in me; the only difference is that I just feel like doing it on another platform of social media. Wait… Wow! I’m just blown away by that thought. Well, I think it has never truly left me.

Anyway, saying that I’m back on book blogging again doesn’t mean you’ll be getting weekly updates from me (heh! As if you’re all thrilled I jumped the bandwagon the second time around. Hiya!) Better hold your horses, folks. This is just, in one way or another, intended to allay your expectations and my way of saying that don’t expect big things from me yet. Let’s take things slow and from there on we go. (Naks, ryhme!) And the blog needs some fixing.

Early in February this year I read this very funny book, Spud by John van de Ruit, where a character named Mr. Edly (nicknamed the Guv) gave the titular character a sound advice: “…when in doubt—keep reading. A book will never die on you.”



And yes, talking, raving mad and writing about them…

Those never died on me, even if you take it the other way around.

After all these years.



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