The Bubble Bible by Bitoy

Bubble Bible

Chew it With a Bubble Laugh

(A Book Review of The Bubble Bible by Bitoy)


This is the first word that popped in my head when I first saw the cover of The Bubble Bible by Bitoy. Come to think of it, humor books from local personalities have been the trend from recent years.

To mention a few, there’s the one that sheds light on why our crushes can never reciprocate our love for them from a certain Internet action star, and another from a feisty lady politician collecting some of the pick-up lines she used in her speaking engagements with excerpts from her speeches thrown in for good measure.

Nothing bad in there, as reading these books gave me a laugh or two.

But really, how about a book from the comedic geniuses in the entertainment industry? If there’s anyone who knows how to tickle the Pinoy funny bone, definitely they are the ones who can do it well.

Going back to the opening statement of this review, yes, The Bubble Bible is nothing short of brilliant as the comedic wit of Michael V., lovingly known to most as Bitoy, reaches creative expression in book form.

Consider The Bubble Bible as Bitoy’s “best hits collection” as the book gathers some of the remarkable characters that the Funny Man has created and portrayed—including the clever Tata Lino, the “loser” Yaya Rosalinda, the completely inept interviewer Juni Lee, the quibbling yet loving Yna Moran among others—time and again in the country’s longest running sketch comedy show, Bubble Gang.

Though some of the material in the book may first had been skits for the mentioned comedy show (I quite remember watching some of them), the book did an immense job of rendering it well in print form. Some of the sections that I truly like are Tata Lino’s Ten Commandments of Love, Mr Asimo’s “Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa ‘yo!” memes that you can cut out and give as a reminder of sorts to some of your jerk friends, and, of course, Yna Moran’s hilarious yet sarcastic remarks on her daughter’s posts and activities in various social networking sites. With the book’s high production value—glossy paper in full color glory—you’re indeed getting your money’s and laugher’s worth.

Down to its nitty-gritty, what I really like about Michael V.’s brand of humor (being a long-time fan of the man) is that he doesn’t just make you go LOL; his comedic sketches also poke fun in our experiences and make us think critically of our crazy way of life.


Book Details:
Published by Summit Books
(Paperback, 2015 Edition)
156 pages
Read on: November 18, 2015
My Rating:
Three Skulls Rating


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