Panayam with Mervin Malonzo

Tabi Po Komiks

Initially, the discussion for Tabi Po by Mervin Malonzo by Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books‘ boook of the month  for November was supposed to take place this December. There were some unseen snags in the planning of the Panayam, however, that we decided to schedule the meet and greet with the author sometime earlier next year.

Making good on his word about a probable meetup with our group before the year ends, this despite recuperating from illness just a week ago, we had the opportunity at last to chat with the recent National Book Award 2015 winner for Graphic Literature in Filipino. The Panayam finally happened with Mervin, amidst heavy rain, just this Saturday, December 19, 2015 at a restaurant in SM Sucat, Parañaque City.

Panayam with Mervin Malonzo

Panayam with Mervin Malonzo

I have to say that this is one of the memorable and enjoyable interviews we’ve have had with a Filipino author. Mervin was gracious, patient, and always game in answering all our questions regarding the seed of the idea for Tabi Po and his creation of Elias and the world he inhabits. He also gave us a few hints about the third issue of the said komiks series that got us all excited especially with the second book’s ending that left us all readers hanging.

A fun and really interesting discussion with the author.

A fun and really interesting discussion with the author.

As a sign of his appreciation, Merwin was so thoughtful to give our group a sculpture of the head of Elias that he used whenever he needs drawing references for his character. He said that this is one of the only seven sculptures that he made, and we are really honored to own one of them.

The Elias face sculpture made by Mervin

The Elias face sculpture made by Mervin.

Again, in behalf of the group, I want to express my huge thanks for Mervin Malonzo for accommodating and giving us time to conduct our Panayam with him despite having such a hectic day. Great thanks as well for the kakwebas who joined and managed to catch up with us even with the bad traffic and weather last Saturday.

This would have to be our last Panayam for this year, and I am glad that it concluded on such a delightful note. I’m looking forward for more awesome meetups with Filipino authors this coming 2016.

PRPB Group Picture with Mervin | © K.D.

Pinpoy Reads Pinoy Books Group Picture with Mervin | © K.D.

On my thoughts about Mervin Malonzo’s komiks, you can read my review here for Tabi Po: Isyu 1 and Tabi Po: Isyu 2.


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