The Dark Chest Redux

After all these years, I’m still at it.

As the old saying goes, time flies by so fast, and it is with a bemused revelation that two years had passed since I last posted anything in this dark alley, my book blog. Continue reading

The Many Hobbits

It’s a big day for J.R.R. Tolkien fans here in the Philippines for today marks the release (yes, our country is ahead of the worldwide screening date, just how swell is that!) of the film adaptation of the classic children’s … Continue reading

Jumping the George R. R. Martin Bandwagon

Yes, it’s official! I’m jumping the George R. R. Martin bandwagon! Since HBO aired the first season of the TV series Game of Thrones to wide acclaim, people have just been raving mad about how good it was — and … Continue reading

Surprise Splurge!

As you may well know the crazy book sale season was over and done with a week ago, and I had some really nice purchases from bookstore branches here and there. Yet the book buying spree seems to haven’t stopped … Continue reading

The Weird, Grotesque, and Gothic this August

It’s been months now since I last read a Horror book, but the “Voice,” my incorporeal guide and eternally influential Book-Muse, obnoxiously yanks my sleeves and lets me focus my gaze elsewhere — elsewhere meaning a fantasy book (it’s been … Continue reading

When the Elephants Dance by Tess Uriza Holthe

The Power of Stories (A Book Review of Tess Uriza Holthe’s When the Elephants Dance) A group of neighbors seek shelter in the cellar of an abandoned house. They are cramped, huddled on the dirt, starving and terrified. Outside fierce … Continue reading