Finally, Nick and Bebang!

Today’s post on The Weekly Awesome Book Finds is way overdue since I had bought these books as November came to a close (which was a good two weeks ago). But me being me, missed blogging dates are never an … Continue reading

The Attack of the Clones

No, this post has nothing to do with the recent buzz about Disney buying the Star Wars movie franchise from Lucasfilm. What I’m referring here as “clones” are the bunch of books I already have that, in any which way, … Continue reading

Komikon Loot and Another Round of Filipiniana Finds

Like others I thought October will end in its silent way, slipping by without my notice; yet I was proved quite mistaken for certain events over the past weekend before the month concludes have once again surprised me for the … Continue reading

Filipiniana Book Finds

Sure thing, book finds for the second to the last week of October isn’t much, but wait until you’ve seen for about how much I got them!   October 23, 2012 — Cubao-Araneta Center Bones of Contention: The Bonifacio Lectures by Ambeth Ocampo – … Continue reading

The Weekly Awesome Book Finds

Book purchases, book gifts, and book recommendations are the factors that make a reader’s life, the fuel that propels his passion. As an exercise to record and present the bookish awesomeness of each week of every month I’m now posting … Continue reading

General Status Update

All right, you got me. I know a simple Hello isn’t enough to do the job to welcome you back in this dark alley on account of my long absence, Gentle Readers. So allow me if I ask your good … Continue reading

Jumping the George R. R. Martin Bandwagon

Yes, it’s official! I’m jumping the George R. R. Martin bandwagon! Since HBO aired the first season of the TV series Game of Thrones to wide acclaim, people have just been raving mad about how good it was — and … Continue reading

Surprise Splurge!

As you may well know the crazy book sale season was over and done with a week ago, and I had some really nice purchases from bookstore branches here and there. Yet the book buying spree seems to haven’t stopped … Continue reading

What I Got for March

Though the first and second week of March had been hectic — swamped with work related errands as usual — I think an overdue book-hunting is in order, just to de-stress and splurge on — a bit. Following are some … Continue reading

When Luck Comes Knocking Once Again

Lady luck seems to have left my side whenever I do book hunts these past few days, I said to a good friend via chat yesterday, and every trip to Booksale during the previous weeks yields nada. Seeing the same … Continue reading

A Series of Fortuitous Events

I’m always on the look out to do something new this year. Then sometime this week while browsing Facebook, I happen to stumble upon this request on my home page inviting me on to an event called Snape Day. Seeing … Continue reading